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*What is a GunGame & How to Play it?*

Posted by on in Tips and Tutorials
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"GunGame", Not a new word for players who are playing it from months but here now I'm sharing some information which will help players who are beginners or don't know a damn about it.


We all are pretty much aware of our beloved first person shooter game Counter-Strike; which is actually a modification for the original "Half-Life" The premier shooter that ushered in an age of FPS with survival and story elements. The impact of the computer AI, health placement, and gameplay were ground-breaking.
Counter-Strike then after years of it's success has been modified further, one of these modifications Counter-Strike: Gun Game is now one of the most popular mod. All because of it's unique type of tactical-fun gameplay.

Mods are basically created by players and developers in the community of the game. GunGame was initially made as a mod for Counter Strike: Source created by "Cagemonkey", but due to the popularity GunGame was also made for Counter Strike: Condition Zero, as well as Counter Strike: 1.6.
Gun Game isn’t a full modification of Counter-Strike. You don’t need to download any large files to play the game, you just need to own Counter-Strike and connect to a Gun Game server. For example connect to our servers at   




it's not a complete different thing; maps, graphics sounds remains identical. Two teams of well known terrorists & counter terroists play a deadly battle with each other.
The idea & concept is differ from original counter strike, while counter strike normally a tactical game in which you have to buy weapons & equipments at the round startup; on the other hand in GunGame you gain new weapons by leveling up through required kills by weapon or knife.You also get instant respawn in 3 seconds after getting killed & you don't have to wait for another round i.e the game goes on until someone wins.

It consists of total 25 levels.For each level you must play with a restricted weapon while knife remains identical secondary weapon for 24 levels.The game starts with each player holding Glock pistol; you must get 3 kills with each weapon to gain next level & weapon except the 24th & 25th level that is grenade & knife level. Gun Game in a fun way forces you to learn each weapon effectively, It includes the cycle of pistols, shotguns, sub-machineguns, machine-gun, snipers, grenade & even knife as the final level. The player who manages himself on the highest level, flash massaged as "Leader".

Note: If you join the game after some minutes the game started, you'll get a higher level depending on the leaders, to maintain balance of the game.

The second & stylishly tactic way to gain next level is knifing, when you kill someone with knife you get instant jump to the next level while the player you kill via knife degrades to his previous level; exactly opposite happens when any other player of opponent team kills you via knife.

Note: If you commit suicide via changing the team, accidental fell-off from higher place on low health or nade-killing yourself; you'll be degraded to previous level.

Cycling through all the weapons when you reach at 24th level that is grenade, you must get a single kill with it to reach the 25th or last level of the game in which you must kill someone via knife, whomsoever do it first beats the game & announced as the winner of the map.

So players come join us at the servers, Have fun, Let the "GunGame" begin!!!



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