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Operation Wildfire is Live

Posted by on in News and Updates
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The first operation of this year has been commenced and it has been named "Operation Wildfire". The operation pass is available to players at a price of $5.99 and the players who own the game can enjoy the special features that come with it, throughout the operation. Most of the features available were also there in the previous few operations too - such as the same old operation journal, campaigns, missions and most important of them all, an upgradeable operation coin which looks freaking cool.


Also the weapon drops for the players with an operation pass will be from Cobblestone, Cache, Overpass, Gods and Monsters, Chop Shop, and Rising Sun collections. Additionally they’ll have exclusive access to the all-new Wildfire Case, featuring 16 community-created weapon finishes and the all-new Bowie Knife. The weapon drop rules are same as before, when you gain enough XP to earn your first Rank each week, you will receive a weapon drop, if you happen to have the operation pass the dropped skins will be from the above mentioned collections.


What differs in the operation is the introduction of Gemini Campaign, the campaign will feature a series of cooperative missions and leaderboards for each missions as well. These missions, 30 in total, will be able to be completed across the various game modes that are already present in the game such as Casual, Arms Race, Demolition, and Deathmatch modes, it also features co-op mission that you can play with your friends. A CS:GO comic will be revealed in three parts as you move ahead completing Gemini missions.

Also, a new feature called Blitz Missions has been added. These are global events that will grant bonus XP for completing a specific action, and will include Competitive missions as well, although you must be Level 3 and above to participate in them. Blitz Missions do not impact the number of campaign missions you can complete.

With that said, 7 Community Maps are being made available for play in competitive -- namely Cruise, Coast, Empire, Mikla, Royal, Tulip and my favourite Santorini. Along with that a completely revamped Nuke has been re-introduced in the game! It simply looks breathtaking. The map has been completely redesigned to every last bit of it, it simply means more lag for guys having low end system like me, jk. If you want to know more about the new Nuke, you can check it out here

To check out more about the operation, you can simply visit the official page, or you can go to Counter-Strike blog and read about every thing included in this huge update! On an ending note, it looks like the operation started with a bang, and will continue to rock for the next few months. Good Luck n Happy Fragging.

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