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The first operation of this year has been commenced and it has been named "Operation Wildfire". The operation pass is available to players at a price of $5.99 and the players who own the game can enjoy the special features that come with it, throughout the operation. Most of the features available were also there in the previous few operations too - such as the same old operation journal, campaigns, missions and most important of them all, an upgradeable operation coin which looks freaking cool.

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Dota 2 revolves around two teams, comprising of five players in each team, trying to defend each other's 'Ancient' or destroy the opponent's 'Ancient'. As the game progresses, players earn experience to level up and gold to buy appropriate items for their heroes. There are numerous guides available online for this hugely popular MOBA game.

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Unlike other conventional sports, Esports relies heavily on computerised electronic devices as the primary medium to facilitate the game. The player displays his skills via his machinery. The proliferation of the internet world-wide has largely contributed to the growth of this form of sport.

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I'd like to present my own views on the Frankfurt Major so far which started on the 13th of November 2015. The tournament itself is the first of its kind. According to Valve, there will be two more Majors before the next International in 2016. With 16 top teams from around the world competing for a total prize pool of 3 million USD, this tournament is being followed keenly by almost every Dota players and fans alike.

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