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Recruiting new haters, old ones have started to like me !

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The first operation of this year has been commenced and it has been named "Operation Wildfire". The operation pass is available to players at a price of $5.99 and the players who own the game can enjoy the special features that come with it, throughout the operation. Most of the features available were also there in the previous few operations too - such as the same old operation journal, campaigns, missions and most important of them all, an upgradeable operation coin which looks freaking cool.

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So, do you know how to use a radar in your favourite game? Do you know what the signs and symbols on the CS radar mean? Do you know how to use it strategically? Just put all these questions aside, and answer this one. Do you often tend to attack your teammates while checking corners? Well if you don't, I'm sure you are already a pro player but if you do, then don't get disappointed as this article will help you learn all of it. 

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