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Hello fellas!, how ya all pwning? getting better eeh?. As you all now playing gungame or just started and without a doubt enjoying it, I wanna take you to a journey where we'll do some deep-diving into the depths of weapon storage i.e. every weapon you use including the strategy for each level, which will help new & average players, some points might be useful for professionals too. So, what are you waiting for?, sit back, relax, grab your burger, burrito, coffee...whatever you got there and enjoy the ride, This one is gonna be a bumpy "Drive-through".

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Usually, to have a little more fun in Counter Strike, people will do something called "Knife Fighting"

This is a one-on-one fight using the melee weapon you are given at the start. Most people tend to hate it, because they don't know how to get the kill they need.


Sometimes this isn't the case, and you just want to kill a person who doesn't notice you, and you want to take advantage of that.

These are some easy tips to score that extra kill.

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"GunGame", Not a new word for players who are playing it from months but here now I'm sharing some information which will help players who are beginners or don't know a damn about it.

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Hey readers, here i am with my review of the Gionee M2, known for its 4200mah battery. Yeah, you read it right. Its a lot and lasts a lot. I’m posting this review from the phone itself.

Was released during may 2014 (so we well know that it’s fairly recent) for almost 12,000INR, and now online purchase for about 9,900 or so, (total, credit card etc included) and from store for 10,800. With a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

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